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I've began transcribing documents for the town of Verzino, a small town from which my husband's italian side came from, as well as, a few documents for Petrona and San Vincenzo la Costa, Italy.


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RAICES which in Spanish means "ROOTS" is the name of this family genealogy website started by me, Elizabeth, because I'm looking for our roots [this site it's definitely not about the surname Raices]. This was started so my family can connect with anyone who might be related to our family without having to search for either one of us for years, as well as, to keep family members updated on my genealogy research and the finds pertaining to the different branches of the family.

The search for our roots began sometime in 2006 when my oldest daughter, who was 7 years old at the time, had to draw a family tree to take to school...

There we were, my husband and I, trying to remember our grandparents' actual names.   Then, he remembered he still had a family tree he drew and took to school when he was little. Off he went, searching through the boxes of "stuff" he couldn't bring himself to part with years before.   Luckily he found it, so we managed to send our daughter off to school with a pretty simple family tree and that was that...or so I thought.

About two or so months had gone by, and we still had not put the old family tree back in the box where my husband had kept it for many years.   I took a look at it and after a couple of minutes I thought it would be pretty neat to find out where my husband's ancestors came from...

...from the moment I started searching I knew I was hooked! LOL

Though it can be a frustrating journey at times...the rewards of discovering where we came from, and the fact that my children will not have to wonder about their roots makes it all worth it!!

At the moment, most of the information, documents and pictures found here pertains to my husband's family. I will be adding anything I have on my family whenever I receive bits and pieces of it from Chile, where I was born.